The 3056 Project


322 Victoria Street
No. of beers
6 beers
x 6
No. of wines
7 wines
x 7

It’s a café, but it has a happy hour, trying very hard to make Friday nights happen, food looks pretty good (I’ve always liked the food here but), omg we are getting a cheese toastie yasssss, not licensed for the footpath so booze is inside only, the rosé from Bress might be one of my faves, was not on original list of bars, managed to take the hipster cafe vibe and turn it into a hipster bar pretty convincingly, I mean if you swap the coffee machine for taps it’s a proper bar, Pimm’s jugs available, no beer taps, customers are figuring out next destination “we could go to The Penny Black” “Ewwwwwww,” licensed til 11pm Wednesday – Friday, not the point of the exercise but table service is sometimes nice, PS don’t forget to pay before you leave.

visited on Friday, 12th February 2016