The 3056 Project

The Rules

The guidelines are pretty simple, but it’s important to show your working.

  1. The bar must occur within the boundaries of 3056.  This is the south side of Moreland Road, the east side of Pearson Street (apologies to the Grand View Hotel, you just missed out), the north side of Park Street and near, but not on, the west side of Lygon Street. This list was refined by running numbers over data available from the Liquor Licensing board
  2. It must primarily be a bar.  This means that the primary purpose of the venue must be to drink and that there is a bar to order drinks from.  This excludes restaurants, cafes and strip clubs (apologies to Maxines).  This was pretty easy to discern from the Liquor Licensing data, however some restaurants and cafes do encourage drinking with offers like happy hours.  Given that it’s our list, we made some judgement calls and like a good pub trivia night, don’t argue with the host.
  3. Our list is current as of November 2015.  Let us know if something new opens up though.

A Legend

Rather than giving a bar a rating based on opinions, we figured we’d try and stick to the facts. Here’s what we looked out for when we visited each bar.


ATM - There's an ATM inside the pub. It will likely fleece you for up to $3 per transaction too.

Bar Games

Bar Games - Includes things like pool tables, arcade games, and board games (if anyone does that anymore).

Beer Garden

Beer Garden - More than a veranda you can smoke under, it has outdoor furniture and a blackboard that says "Brunswick's best beer garden!"

Beyonce - A certified Queen B fave.

Cash Only

Cash Only - This bar is probably living in the past. Go to the ATM first.


EFTPOS - I paid for how many shots with my credit card?!


Kitchen - This doesn't mean just a packet of chips, this means a full, hot meal (ie probaby a parma) is available.

Live Music

Live Music - Sometimes live music means seeing a hot up-and-coming band. Other times it means some guy with an acoustic guitar singing 'Wonderwall'.


Pokies - Slot machines and TAB facilities available.


Number of Beers - This includes on tap and in bottles. Might include cider too if we don't count properly.

Number of Wines - We asked for the wine list so you don't have to.