The 3056 Project

Tom Phat

182-184 Sydney Road
No. of beers
6 beers
x 6
No. of wines
12 wines
x 12

Ok it’s a restaurant but it has a ripper happy hour on Mondays, one room seems more like a bar than the other, pretty full for a Monday, Jesus has my back, excellent display of knives and cleavers which say “don’t skip the bill”, bar staff turned off ‘Summer of 69’ because they are good human beings, actually their playlist appears to need constant monitoring they also just turned off Tina Tuner (Bowie is ok though), “Is the rose sweet or dry?” “Errrjfjfkeondbg…” “Ok I¬†will have the house white,” foothpath seating lets you watch the world go by and is good for dogspotting, closes Tuesdays instead of Mondays THANK YOU, usually someone with a Macbook in the corner, good job on the small or large portions appreciate it.

visited on Monday, 8th February 2016